Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm almost done ...

I can't believe it.  It's April 21st and I'm almost done prepping the gardens.  I believe this is a first.  I started working on the gardens 8 years ago.  Slowly I've increased the gardens every year.  2008 was the deck.  That was one HUGE undertaking.  It took all freaking summer with  all the rains we had.

We only have a few small projects.  And then it's watch the plants grow, have friends over, partake of some cold beverages on the deck on a hot summer afternoon.

Here's some pics of this week's projects .... here.

Happy gardening!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm back!

It's finally Spring and I've completed most of my clean up/preparation for the upcoming garden season.  It's mid-April here in the Toronto area and the weather the past 6 weeks has been amazing!  We've been up over 20C (70F) a couple of times, had no snow since February (unheard of btw) and generally had a fairly dry Spring.  Which is great for getting time to go outside and do stuff ... not so great for the flowers and the lawns.  I kinda feel like my front lawn is an ugly duckling.  I've kinda neglected it since I only have a small lawn in the front ... I won't pay for someone to do the fertilizing etc ... and yet I haven't taken care of it either.  But we're off to Home Depot tomorrow morning and I'll get my act together then.  I just wish they sold smaller amounts ... I don't need a huge bag for small lawn.  Yeesh.

I've been re-reading through a ton of gardening magazines and scheming and planning and thinking about what needs to be done this year.  It's bright and sunny (although probably still a little cool this morning) and I can't wait to get outside.  Fertilizing, weeding, put some seeds out for the birds, making lists ... all kinds of good stuff.

I love this time of year ... it makes me feel so alive and so happy.  And I'm on vacation (staycation actually) this week so lots of time to spend outside.  I think I still have a couple of indoor things to do too.  We're going to be building another trellis wall similar to this one but only 3 panels wide ...

It's going to replace this ...

Can't wait ... I've somehow managed to kill these clematis but it gives me the opportunity to buy new ones and change the look.

Well, gotta run and get to it.  See you soon!