Wednesday, June 10, 2009

fresh herbs on the way

so we finally got some fresh herbs and tomatoes. And nasturtiums to ward off the aphids. which have invaded my gardens. 2 roses (in 2 different beds) and my purple sandcherry, which was gorgeous about 3 weeks ago but now needs to be drastically pruned. I'm hoping it'll come back ok. it sucks, 'cause the party's in 4 weeks and we'll have this big gap. but it'll be back for next year's par-tay! I actually bought some Safer (insecticidal) soap.

and I talked to my neighbour about the sumach. she's always digging them out too. so I suggested root pruning. I'm hoping that'll help. Plus I'll have to go sumach hunting more often and just keep pulling out the roots. Oh joy. But they are beautiful trees and it's nice to have the benefit without too much hassle.

Barry's away to his model builders' meeting tomorrow night so I'll be watering....

Did I mention the hops lately? They're about a foot off the top of the pergola. We'll have them up along the rafters by the party. Everything is growing like crazy. Maybe too much ... I'm not sure. It's coming together like I envisioned. So exciting! Can't wait for the party ... should be so much fun!

Until tomorrow!

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