Monday, June 15, 2009

I think summer's finally here!

It was a gorgeous wedding anniversary weekend! Did some socializing on Friday, worked on Saturday, chilled at night, worked again on Sunday and then wrapped at 4pm, suntanned for about an hour on the deck then had a nice dinner, wine and then DQ for dessert.

The gardens are looking amazing! Had to cut my purple sandcherry right back ... it kinda looks like post-modern sculptural artwork or something.... aphids was the problem.

Tomorrow I MUST water the container planters. It's supposed to rain on Wednesday which would really be wonderful 'cause we need it desperately and then I can dig up a TON of violets that are invading my shade garden on the north side of the house! I must apologize, I keep meaning to create a photo gallery. I will get there. We've got about 4 more hours of work outside. I don't care so much if it rains Friday or Saturday night, just so long as the daytime is good, I'll be happy. Along with a WHOLE lotta other people LOL.

I should run before my battery dies. Chat tomorrow!

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