Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sumach trees are a pain in my rear!

My neighbour had this crazy idea of bringing a sumach tree from the cottage. she was told if she put it in a pot in the ground it should contain it. got news for them .... I've probably pulled 12-15 out of my garden this spring alone! I just pulled a root that was about 4 feet long!

Anyway ... I managed to get about 45 minutes in the back garden, just cleaning up sumachs, weeds and deadheading a TON of anemones. It's looking good ... I can't wait for the working to be finished. I just want to stop doing and just enjoy. We've been told by many of our friends that we work too much. I'm starting to agree with them. So we'll see how things go. Hopefully I can get some more weeding done tomorrow night.

Until then ....

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