Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can't believe I actually want it to rain!

Tomorrow, thursday, don't care. Friday ... preferably not. Saturday ... NOOOOOOOO. Sunday ... not even an option. gotta be a great day!

I actually had to do some watering tonight. Planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, roses, delphiniums, hollyhocks ... they like water. They get kinda ornery when they don't get enough.

I actually had to take the bus home, thanks to hubby piano lesson starting at 5:45. But that's ok, I got home, got changed, and got out in the garden. I actually really enjoy watering the garden. It's kinda up close and personal with the plant material. Noticed aphids on one of the new roses. Safer soap to the rescue! Had to re-apply it on a couple of other plants too. And I've got these black bugs that are taking over my vines. Gotta check into those. Never had issues with aphids before. Or much of anything really except for earwigs, which by the way, should be obliterated off the face of the earth!

I also discovered the joy of the most concentrated setting on the garden wand. Good way to clean the bird poop off the deck and chairs and stuff. WOO HOO.

Gotta get the work finished on Saturday so we can make it all pretty for Sunday for our guests.

Gotta run ... see ya tomorrow!

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  1. I get kinda ornery when I don't get enough too. Water, I mean.