Monday, May 18, 2009

another awesome day

it was a little cool today but not nearly as windy. Great news ... the pond is done! the new gate installed and looks amazing! the drapes are up and the path is almost all dug up. the lawn is mowed and trimmed and looking purdy... best of all ... no work tomorrow! or the rest of the week so of course you know where I'll be. If I'm not working outside, I'll be outside chilling, listening to tunes and reading. but man I am tuckered! but i'll still be up at 5:30 with Barry tomorrow, do my workout, have brekkie and latte with my hubby, send him on his way, spend a little time with kitties, work outside, send I'm off for a massage in the afternoon. the outside of the house is finally coming together the way I envisioned. Still a lot of work to do but being off this week, and it's supposed to be amazing weather, so it should go a long way. Barry's going to drop me off at the nursery Wednesday night so I can take as long as I need to get my shopping for annuals done. Maybe get a couple of water lillies for the pond. The lights look great in the pond. I've still gotta get all my solar lights working. So much to do ... but I actually have time to do it now! Although I can see the rest of the week going fast. but it's still relaxing, enjoyable work. I feel SO good at this time of year. Right through to about October is great. I sometimes wish I lived in California, or Arizona or somewhere hot year round so I could garden all year round. But I love my life here and I have an awesome man to share it with so on that note I will bid you adieu ... gotta get my beauty sleep LOL

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