Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sunshine, wind ....

what a fabulous day! got a start on the tan, finished digging up the path, walked up to my massage appointment (almost 90 minutes), great massage, walked another 75 minutes home (tail wind ... sort of ... no pit stop). it was an exciting walk. fighting the wind both ways. the wind changed directions ... it was pretty strong. Barry turned the pond punp on tonight ... looks fabulous. Can't wait to see the lights on with the fountain. I am so excited about this summer. If the weather co-operates, we should be able to get our projects done so we free up June, July, August. Did I mention the new gate? it looks amazing! I've been trying to get my annual flowers sorted out for all the containers. I think I might be a little busy this summer watering baskets, boxes and containers. and I am so looking forward to doing just that. Yoga on the deck. Brekkie on the patio. Latte on the deck. I can't wait. The weather for the balance of this week looks OUTSTANDING! Bathing suit's coming out for the next couple of days. Not to mention the sunscreen. Have a fabulous week folks!

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