Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a better day all round

yes, the GO train was much better today. Although they did have trouble deciding what track to take us into the station on in the morning. C'est la vie!

I actually had energy tonight so I got home, got changed and got out in the garden and worked on the path more. Man, we need a really good 3 days. For everyone's sake. Barry and I have 8 working days in the garden before we go "on strike". Lots and lots to do. I can wait! Everything's coming together. Barry's going to get the pond together, we'll clean off the deck once all the work is done, scrub down the furniture, put the lights up on the pergola. I am so excited.

I don't know what happened to the time tonight. I got home at 6, next thing I knew it was 7:15, then 8:15 and now it's 9:30. I should be packing up going to bed! Yeesh.

See you tomorrow!

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