Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Himalyan Poppy ... my holy grail ....

So we went to Vandermeer to purchase lights for the pond and I was touring the perennials prior to Barry joining me and low and behond, there is was. So I snagged one. Only one. I bought 3 one year and nothing happened. So I'm going to concentrate on getting this one to grow. Then I might try more next year. I don't know what it is about that flower. Other than its sky blue colour and cool shape. Kinda poppy-like, but not.

It was so exciting in the nursery. I was afraid to look around inside. I won't purchase my annuals until a week tomorrow. Then there will be colour, colour and MORE colour! I am SO looking forward to being off all next week. Sitting outside on the deck, enjoying the sunshine, getting some work done, doing some chilling. And I'm going for a massage on Tuesday afternoon.

WOO HOO! Can't wait. I need it. I'm so freeking tired, physically and mentally, between work and my workouts.

So I shall bid you all adieu for tonight and check back with you tomorrow. Barry has his model builders meeting so I can come home, make a quick dinner, do a couple of things and then sit on my rear end and chill. Or veg. Or whatever.


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