Monday, May 25, 2009

A new clematis came home

This is my favourite (ok one of my favourite) flowers ... the Columbine. I could have a garden full of Columbine and Irises. There are so many types .... I just love gardening .....

So we got the final window basket planted and installed today. And we decided to grow a clematis (it was supposed to be red ... couldn't find a red one ... got a purple one instead ... goes with our colour scheme out front) up the new garbage fence. Hopefully it gets enough sun. It'll grow up behind the ostrich ferns and I'll just keep training it up and along the fence. It's supposed to get 12'H x 20'W which is perfect. I have 2 sides that need covering. A living wall as it were. And I unintentionally bought a blue (sky blue that is) cordylis (I don't think that's the right spelling) and another cushion spurge. I used to have a TON of purple in the garden ... almost as much yellow now with hits of red. A beautiful hybrid tea rose (red) is in the front near the window. It's supposed to be pretty fragrant so hopefully it'll smell wonderfully in the house. The allium are almost in full bloom. I think I need to fertilize my bulbs ... pretty weak showing ... many more flowers but they don't seem as high or as big. Or maybe it's because the Burning Bush has gotten much bigger all of a sudden. There are so many angles you can view the gardens from that I've totally ignored the "plant small in front, medium in the middle and tall at back" advice. Especially in the south garden at the front of the house. It's only 6 feet wide but it goes back about 50 or 60 feet so that type of garden doesn't make any sense to me. But I'm not your everyday gardener LOL. We bought a water hyacinth for the pond. And some new red lenses for the lights in the pond. Did I mention the LED lights on the pergola. OMG are they EVER cool! The outside is coming together so well. They were originally calling for rain tomorrow night so I didn't water most of my window/hanging baskets and containers. Unless it starts earlier than they now predict, I'm gonna have to come straight home and water. Barry's off to piano practice then lesson so I'm a little freer than usual. I can't verbalize (yeah, I know, first time for everything) how amazing it is to see all this coming together.

Thankfully next Spring's projects (that we'll be working on) are a potting bench/worktable/side board for entertaining that we'll be building in the utility area. I just really want to get the place all cleaned up, tidied and looking ready for a party at a moment's notice. I know I will!

It's almost time to check out the lights. Can't wait! Chat tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see all the hard work you guys have done

  2. Can't believe we're almost finished. Aargh, so close!!