Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Tour

So a neighbour from down the street was driving by just as I was about to head into the house after work today. So we started chatting and she ended up pulling into our driveway and I gave her the tour of the gardens. She's an avid gardener too. I figure we make a great pair .... I've got the deck and pergola, she's got the pool. I figure it's safer to have a swim first and then kick back with a cold beverage on the deck afterwards... anyway, I digress. So despite the chilliness and the 1/2 to 3/4 inch growth on most of my perennials, we chatted away and I showed her where I had planted what, as well as my thugs of the garden. I must remember to share some of my "polite" plants with her. We bought the rest of our solar fence caps today. Barry's going to install them Wednesday night after work. They're so pretty when they're lit up. Well ... I'm about to fall asleep so I shall bid you adieu ... until tomorrow! Oh yeah, this is the "north garden" ... taken in 2006. Early spring, not much difference now except the forsythia's bigger and there's some solar lights in the garden. Nighty-night!

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