Thursday, April 16, 2009

One more day to go

Of course tomorrow's supposed to be spectacular and Barry's off work tomorrow and I'm going to be stuck in a very hot, stuffy office when I could be at home, digging, digging, weeding, digging.... oh yeah, latte on the deck ... plotting what I need to buy and where I'm going to put it. I bet the local nurseries are going to be busy this weekend. So you know where I WON'T be. I'll hit the nursery maybe on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not even sure what they have available for planting outside yet. Probablly not too much. But I need a rose. My sis (hey gypsymo) picked out a FABULOUS looking one for my front garden (it's dark red, fragrant, grandiflora and about 3 or 4'. PERFECT! I can't wait. I just hope I can find it.... I shall have to go hunting. This is a picture of the yellow (I think it's a grandiflora) that gypsymo recommended and I LOVE IT! And Improved Blaze will go along the back fence. For those who don't know, Improved Blaze is a stunning deep red climber/rambler. I gotta admit, the backyard is looking good. I can't wait to see when it's going to look like in early July. Our deck party. This should be interesting. Falling asleep typing so I'd better fly. Or crash. Or something. Enjoy the fabulous weekend!


  1. Good thing I read your blog so I know we're going to the nursery!


  2. I think there are mostly Pansys right now....and I know how you looovvveee them!!!!

  3. Yes, pansies are my favourite flower. NOT! I was shocked. We went to Vandermeer for a couple of roses and some fertilizer and $200 later, I came home with them plus a bunch of perennials plus a couple of stands for the blue gazing balls. OMG - they are gorgeous! Anyway, the stands for the gazing balls were like $45-$70. Way too much. They were wrought iron but they're not the focal point .. the balls are. So we ended up getting a couple of plant stands $17 and $22 thank you very much instead. And they work perfectly! So how are things LeeAnn? Haven't heard from you in ages ...
    See hi to Bruce for us...