Monday, April 27, 2009


And of course it was a beautiful day. Would have been a perfect day for gardening. I'm off tomorrow for yet another "kick at the can" you might say with this biopsy. It's at 2 pm which means I should get home around 3:30. And of course it's supposed to rain in the morning. Oh well, it'll get there eventually. The hops vines continue to amaze me. And they haven't even been fertilized! Maybe I can do that tomorrow if it doesn't rain too hard. Although there's always weeding which I desperately need to do. It still looks so bare out in the gardens. But there's lots of growth and still lots to do. Tomorrow we'll have to drop by our nursery and hopefully talk to somebody in the water features section before B finishes the surround this weekend. They should have some more plants out too. Hmm. That would be awful.

Just for something a little different, I thought I would post a picture of Dante. He's our little rat. Booby-cat. My little boy. (Widget's my boy so Dante had to become my little boy) Great cat ... rather unco-ordinated. Doesn't always land on his feet. But he's a good boy.... except when he torments Belle. I'll introduce her soon. Have a great day!

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