Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It's another gorgeous day here in southern Ontario. Barry's such a trouper ... he painted our trellises yesterday in the window and fluctuating temperatures without any complaint. We're trying to get all the painting outside (planters, brackets, trellises) done as quickly as possible. Fortunately the vines haven't really started to grow much yet so we can do this but pretty soon, they'll be clambering up the trellis walls. We bought some solar light fence post caps and a new gate. Those will make such a difference and just everything together. We just need to get that blasted patio fixed. So much to do, so little money... oh yeah, and time. I think we're on track to get this place done but the end of May so we can actually enjoy our summer. I've never been a "produce" gardener ... flowers are my gig. But 2 years ago, I grew herbs, last year I added tomatos (in the contaner) and this year I think I'm going to add some fruit. In containers. Lots of new growth around the gardens. A few surprises. I don't appear to have lost anything other than Foxglove but that's expected. I've got something growing in my garden that's trying to take over completely. I thought it was Spiderwort which is supposed to be great but what I ended up with was Transedenia (something like that) and OMG I sends runners out EVERYWHERE! So my mission today is to obliterate that crap from my gardens. Happy gardening!

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