Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow ... progress!

This is such a cool lamium. It's yellow, globe shaped and very well behaved. Unlike the purple lamium to the left of it. Of course this is last year's picture ... still too early in the season for this year's pics.
So I toured the gardens again tonight. First time I've really been able to check them out since Sunday. It's rained most of this week. But WOW! It certainly did a LOT of good! Growth, and lots of it! Nature really goes amaze me. Spring is definitely my favourite time of year. To see everything start to grow and bloom, discovering surprises in the gardens, plants that just "appear". I'll be digging for sure this weekend. Actually, my biggest job is digging up all the paths and trying to find thyme to replace the stuff I have to throw out. And dividing all my fescue. I've got 3 plants and I'll likely make at least 12 out of them. Get the new fence installed. The pond "planted". Nurseries are gonna be busy!!!! But don't forget ... unless they're pansies or snapdragons or spring bulbs, don't leave them outside at night. They're just not ready. Rule of thumb ... if they're outside at your garden centre, they've been hardened off and can stay outside. If not, protect them. That goes for perennials too. I really want to plant a red clematic near the forsythia, grow it on a trellis in front of the rain barrel (which we still have to get set up) Probably next weekend. But I think it has to wait a while. Maybe next year... they're actually calling for possible thunderstorms tomorrow. But unstable ones. Have you heard of a stable thunderstorm? On that note ... until tomorrow ....

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