Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a spectacular weekend!

Ok, so this has nothing to do with gardening, but I thought I'd introduce my children. This is Widget, he's 2 years old and he's the second youngest. We have four children, ages 1-16. Can't help it if they're all four legged and furry. Cats that is. All indoors, too.

Anyway, back to gardening related stuff.
Yesterday was odd. It was supposed to be sunny all day .... it sprinked in the morning, just as Barry was painting the trellis wall. Then it stopped, dried up and just when he was about to start again, so did the sprinkling. I think that happened 3 or 4 times. Yeesh. then he got on a roll and ran out of spray paint. So he went to get more and then our next door neighbour was on her patio and since it was Rustoleum paint, he didn't want to be spraying it when she was right there. So he painted the planters out front. And I hauled everything out of the shed and Barry put the shelving units together while he waited for the weather to stop sprinkling once and for all and then I loaded up the shed again. I finally dug out this very thuggish groundcover yesterday. YAY. And today we went to our local nursery and bought a bunch of stuff, came home and Barry finished the trellis wall and almost got the front railing finished and then it got too cold so he had to stop. I got everything that I bought planted (including an Improved Blaze and another red rose that I have to double check the name on. I know it starts with a B. It's a hybrid tea (this should be interesting) and supposed to be very fragrant. I'm so excited to see the garden bloom this year. I'm going to have the time this year to devote to keeping it looking awesome. I just gotta put some reminders in my calender of when to do what. Anyway, I'm rambling (kinda like Blaze is going to be doing LOL) so I'll bid you all adieu for today. Happy gardening!

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  1. I'm getting tired just THINKING about all the stuff we did. Sheesh! Love the pic of Widget, who took it?