Friday, April 10, 2009

What an awesome day ...

I know a lot of people celebrate Good Friday and I totally respect that. A lot of people might think it's sacriligious to work on Good Friday but oh my ... what a gorgeous day out there! I spent the afternoon removing a eouynomous (sp?) from the front garden, moving irises, primrose, etc. Barry spray painted a bunch of containers on our patio, sprayed the obelisk that I moved from the back yard to the front yard, relocated a porcelain vine that I bought last year (I hope it survives) and sprayed brackets that we'll be installing on our pergola (here's a picture) to hang baskets from. We have 2 hops vines and 2 bittersweet vines growing up the corners ... the baskets will be on the other posts. Tomorrow Barry's going to paint more metal and I'll be digging, weeding, moving, weeding, primping, weeding, weeding, weeding. I actually had a nice surprise today. I discovered that my purple sandcherry had a "baby". Free shrub! Woo hoo! So I know where I'm going to put it and it'll look great. It'll take a couple of years before it really takes off, but that's ok. Gardens are constantly evolving, so I'll have something to look forward to. The above deck was last year's project. All freeking summer. In between the torrential downpours ... the weather last year sucked in Ajax ... and yet Barry and I both managed to get the best tans of our lives. Go figure. Until tomorrow!

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