Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

what a weird day. started out wonderfully sunny. then it got cloudy and cool. now it's raining. better during the week than on the weekend. dropped off my films to Oshawa General today. Friday's the "big day" ... hopefully they'll be able to tell me then and there. but in the meantime, i'm concentrating on my hubby, my fitness and my garden. too bad I can't get out there and putter. it's such great therapy. i'm so itching to get back out in the garden, move some lady's mantle, cut back the lamium, weed, and I'm not sure what else I'm doing this weekend. Helping hubby get the pond area done. It's going to look so cool! we still have to get the rain barrel base done and instal the barrel itself. Found the wickedest looking rain barrel that they're introducing next year. I think we'll have to install that one in the back yard. grow morning glories up it and you won't even know it's a rain barrel. maybe even put another one of the new ones in the front (at the corner of the carport) so I can easily water that particular garden as well as the hanging baskets. btw - the forsythia is almost in full bloom. looking great. anyway, rather than ramble, I shall bid you adieu and leave you with a picture of on of my all time favourite flowers ... columbine. they're actually purple ... i wish they were this blue. adieu!

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