Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank God its FRIDAY!!!!

YAY! What an absolutely GORGEOUS day out there today. And of course I was stuck in the office. But I got out to the market at lunch and Barry and I went for a little walk after dinner. Good thing, too 'cause we went to Quiznos and I actually had a sub. Yikes! Anyway, it was beautiful and I can't wait until tomorrow....painting, digging, cleaning, organizing. First order of business for me after untangling the honeysuckle from the trellis wall so Barry can paint it ... THE SHED. Everything comes out, 2 new resin racks get assembled and installed and filled and then the rest of the shed... We gotta scrub the shed too. It's been a few years... I'm actually thinking I might train the 3 clematis over the shed. Well ... that's it for tonight. I leave you with a picture of The Big Three (clematis that is).

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