Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rained out ... again.

So I might have actually been able to do a little gardening today while I was waiting to go for my biopsy but of course it was raining. We ended up at our local nursery to pick up a pump for the water feature. Of course me ... the crazy one ... was outside in the pouring rain, getting soaked, and looking for plants. I think I need my head read. But I got some plants (I really need to get some mid-sized plants ... I seem to have a lot of large, tall (4-6') plants) and the pump and hopefully we'll be able to get the pond up and running this weekend. After my appointment, we went to Home Depot (yes, again LOL) and I found the greatest chairs! They're stackable, black, mesh and were only $30 per. So we bought 4 and took them home and put them in place. They look like they were bought for the patio table. It's so exciting! So I went inspecting the gardens and man, things are growing like crazy. No wonder ... Noah's calling. LOL Now all we need is sunshine and warm temperatures and I'm going to be weeding, weeding, weeding. I have GOT to get the north garden in the front of the house and weed, weed, weed. Do you notice a theme? I really hope I can get the mulch this year. Maybe if I stop buying plants I could.... I bought 3 Giant Russell Lupins. I guess the "giant" part should have given it away. THEY GROW 3-5 FEET HIGH! OMG. I'm in trouble now. And we bought these really cool tropical flowers that can be over-wintered inside but they grow 4-6 feet high. I really need to get some mid-sized plants.....

Anyway, here's a picture of Belle and Widget. It's my favourite shot of them. Widget was just the cutest thing ... and enough personality for 5 cats. You'll meet Mandy tomorrow. She's the Grand Dame of the family. 17 and kinda crusty.
Until tomorrow!

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