Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Water required

I can't believe, that in the middle of April, I actually had to water my garden. Not a huge amount, just enough to help the roots establish from my transplanting on the weekend. BTW - with the bulbs coming up now, for those of you (Kandi my luv) who don't know, after bulbs finish flowering, you can remove the stems, but be sure to let the leaves brown and wither naturally ... it's nature's way of feeding the bulb for the next year. An idea ... plant perennials in front of bulbs so the perennials hide the browning foliage. That's my tip for the day.


  1. Never ceases to amaze me how much you know about this stuff.


  2. Yeah, me too! The only way I would have a green thumb was if I hit it with a hammer....or maybe gangrene (bad joke)

  3. Yeah, that's 'cause I usually have my nose buried in some sort of gardening magazine or book. It's my passion. Well, one of them at least. LOL. Thanks for your comments guys.